Drench Sheep for Worms

What to do

  • When you land on this square you must choose to pay either $10 per pen to the bank or pay $20 per pen to the bank and receive the “Worm Control Program” card. You only get a “Worm Control Program” card if you pay $20 per pen. However, next time you sell your sheep you will get an extra 20%. You must then return the program card to the bank.


  • You should use all your benefit cards (Worm Control, Weeds & Insects and Fertilised Pasture) at the next stock sale. You will receive an extra 20% for each card.

Farming information

  • Sheep are given a “Drench” (medicine) to treat them for parasitic worms that infect their gut. A “Control Program” includes follow-up treatments, to prevent eggs from re-infecting the sheep.

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