Improved Pasture

What to do

  • You can only purchase Improved Pasture cards from the bank immediately BEFORE it is your turn to throw the dice. Each of the five paddocks costs $500 to improve. You can “Improve” any number of paddocks (from 1 to 5). It is not essential to have stock on the paddocks when you improve them.

More information

  • You ALWAYS have FIVE PADDOCKS in total to your property. Never any more or any less than five paddocks.
  • The green paddocks on the playing board represent the same orange (Natural Pasture) paddock after it has been improved. 
  • When you improve a paddock you can no longer use the corresponding orange paddock.
  • You can put five pens of sheep on each improved paddock (two more than on the Natural Pasture).
  • You can’t purchase Improved Property cards when you are in drought.

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