Irrigated Pasture

What to do

  • You can only purchase Irrigated Pasture cards from the bank immediately BEFORE it is your turn to throw the dice. You must have already paid for five improved pasture cards before you can irrigate your pastures. Each of the five paddocks costs $1,500 to improve.
  • You can irrigate any number of paddocks (from 1 to 5). It is not essential to have stock on the paddocks when you irrigate them.

More information

  • The blue paddocks on the playing board represent the same orange (Natural Pasture) and green (Improved Paddock) after it has been irrigated. 
  • When you irrigate a paddock you can no longer use the corresponding green paddock.
  • You can put 6 pens of sheep on each irrigated paddock (1 more than on the Improved Pasture).
  • You can’t purchase irrigated property cards when you are in drought.
  • You can’t purchase Irrigated Pastures in the same turn that you purchase improved property cards (you must have already improved all your paddocks before you can irrigate).
  • Remember — you always have five paddocks in total to your property. Never any more or any less than five paddocks.

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